Moving the Chains

Moving the Chains By JOHN WASHINGTON Published By CULTURESTRIKE, December 21, 2013 Protesters locked to a gate outside of a detention center near Adelanto, California. All photos courtesy of John Washington On November 25, the desert sun in Adelanto, California, crisped Dianey Murillo’s face, despite the cold, lightly gusting wind. She and two other young […]



6 Things Obama Could Do To Reduce Deportations

6 Things Obama Could Do Without Congress To Reduce Deportations EXPAND DACA – If Obama did it for youth, he can do it for adults too. END S-COMM – “Secure Communities” criminalizes immigrants & threatens public safety. Obama has the authority to end it tomorrow. RESCIND ALL 287(g) AGREEMENTS – 287(g) agreements allow local law […]

Our Suffering Children

In 1989 my father, two sisters, a group of strangers and I were deported from the United States. I was 10 years old. We were apprehended while walking on the beach at night in Tijuana. Immigration officials surrounded us, but not before one of the members of our team jumped into the water. I never saw him again. […]

TRUST: Something to Be Thankful For

If you’re looking for a good reason to celebrate family unity and revive Thanksgiving from its ahistorical traditions (a mythical day of peace in place of the violent conquest of the continent) consider giving thanks for the California TRUST Act, which, starting January 2014, will help keep tens of thousands of families from being torn […]

Keep Freezing the Ice Monster

The California TRUST Act Should Set Nationwide Paradigm by John Washington The fear remains. Whether we are citizens or not, whether our parents or brothers or sisters are in danger of deportation or not, whether we are allies or activists or ignorant of the ongoing immigration impasse, whether we are Californians or Arizonans, we should […]

Foster Care for Children of Deported

5,000 children end up in foster care because their parents were deported. What happens to our children when they end up inside foster homes? What are their chances of them making it in life healthy and in one piece? Why are we letting this happen in the first place?

LA artist Ramiro Gomez Tackles Immigration Issues in Beverly Hills

Parks and Representation By John Washington Published By CULTURESTRIKE, November 6, 2013 Ramiro Gomez’s cardboard cut-out of a gardener outside of a Bel-Air home. All photos courtesy of Ramiro Gomez   After a few tocks with a hammer, the stroller and nanny with child are planted into the grass. Artist Ramiro Gomez has just installed […]

While feds stall, California advances immigration reform

California’s Trust Act restricts the ability of federal agencies to deport undocumented immigrants living in the state By Dorian Merina October 15, 2013, 5:00AM ET Al Jazeera America LOS ANGELES — A row of seven pay-phone booths lines the corner of Bauchet and Vignes streets downtown here, just outside the walls of the L.A. County […]

Victory! Gov. Brown Signs the TRUST Act!

Gov. Brown signs another bill easing conditions for immigrants By Patrick McGreevy October 5, 2013, 11:20 a.m. Los Angeles Times Law enforcement officials in California who arrest immigrants in the country illegally will be prohibited from detaining them for transfer to federal authorities unless they committed a serious crime under one of several bills signed […]